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Product Information:

Air Lanco Fans

Air Lanco Fans

Air Lanco Aeration Solutions

Our high-pressure Centrifugal Fans are ideal for installations involving temporary wet grain holding, deep storage, and facilities where high static pressures are required. Direct drive, rugged steel housings, and non-overloading, vibration-proof fan wheels enhance performance and durability. Low power consumption combined with generous air delivery result in low-cost, efficient aeration even under the most demanding conditions.

Grain Guard

Grain Guard

Grain Guard Aeration Solutions

Safely storing your grain requires you to manage your aeration system. Once you have dried and cooled your grain you must also monitor the grain while it is stored throughout the seasons to maintain the grain’s quality. With the aid of an aeration system you can easily maintain temperature and moisture levels in your bin. By turning your fans on at the appropriate time during fall and again in spring you will stabilise temperature levels in your bin and reduce the effects of moisture migration.

The diagrams to the right depict moisture migration in a silo both late fall and into spring if an aeration system is not utilised. Diagrams below depict stabilising the temperature in your bin. When an aeration system is utilised you are able to take control of moisture migration and realize more profit per silo


Westeel Full Floor Drying System

Westeel Full Floor Drying System

Westeel Full Floor Aeration System

Westeel's premium full floor system delivers maximum performance when full volume conditioning or natural air-drying is required.

Extremely strong and easy to install, our aeration floors are the best way to protect your grain.

The revolutionary 10" wide plank means fewer parts to install, resulting in faster installation times. Unique multiple flashing helps provide a better seal at the bin's edge and welded supports give the entire system the superior strength needed to support up to 100 ft. of grain depth.

Nova Flo Aeration System

Nova Flo Aeration System
The Nova Flo Aeration System is a system that REL Group has designed and tested on local farms to provide you with cost effective Aeration Solutions that can keep your grain at an optimum temperature resulting in high quality grain. We use a 5hp fan on a trolley that you wheel between your silos.

Polycool Ventilation System

Once your precious grain harvest is in the shed, be it off the dryer or straight out of the field then you will need a grain ventilation system. Crops are a living thing and will continue to respire once in storage. Respiration creates stale air that needs to be moved and replaced with fresh air so that the crop does not heat up and become a breeding ground for insects or harmful storage moulds.

Under floor grain ventilation is expensive to install, requires annual maintenance and can provide an additional breeding site for crop storage pests such as mites and weevils.

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