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REL now brings to the farming sector range of cow barns including a unique arched style structure that has the ability to offer a clear span internal space if the client so chooses or the more traditional style with internal roof support posts strategically placed.

 With a 'pop top' style centre roof and the addition of clear sheeting panels to the main roof, no solid walls, the latest design in animal friendly plastic ‘free stall’ cubicles and hydraulically operated effluent scraper systems, the building is providing farmers with the latest in animal friendly environments

Product Information:

Norseman Structure

Norseman Structure

Advantages of Fabric Buildings vs. Conventional

Clear-Span Design - The absence of internal pillars or posts allows for maximum use of space. The high ceilings allow you ample clearance for moving or storing large equipment.

Naturally Bright for Lower Operating Costs - The translucent fabric cover plus the reflection from the white interior of the fabric increases the natural light within the building. This can reduce or eliminate the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. A steel or wood building could cost thousands of dollars each year in additional lighting costs.

Quick to Install - Fabric buildings typically require less lead and construction time than conventional construction, getting you up and running faster.

Lower Project Cost - Total project costs, including construction, can be significantly less than prefabricated steel or wood structures particularly in clear-span applications.

Maintenance Free - The fabric covers are virtually maintenance free. They do not trap dust or dirt and do not require painting or shingling to maintain their clean appearance.

Artex - Barn Solutions

Artex Barn Solutions is the inventor and manufacturer of the original free stall “Comfort Zone”™. Since 1975 Artex, along with its Business and University partners, have studied cow comfort in the pasture to determine cow natural environment and translated that into cow comfort in the barn environment.

As a result, Artex’s “Comfort Zone”™ products are designed to reduce animal stress by providing a barn environment that is as close to the pasture as possible. The benefit to the dairy farmer? The more a cow lays down, the more milk is produced in the udders. More milk means more production, which translates into more dollars into your pocket


Promat - Cow Comfort

Promat - Cow Comfort
Promat Inc. is the manufacture of Gelmat DS, Pasture Mat, Pack Mat and Poly Pillow. When combined with the correct dimensions this creates the ultimate in Cow comfort.

Over a decade ago, Promat developed the first cellular crumb rubber mattress for cows. The product has become a world leader in cow comfort stall flooring.

Promat's research team is constantly improving the product with refined top covers and their engineers are finding more efficient ways to produce the product.


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